The Hummingbird Childcare Center

Nov 21, 2015 by Jerry Bleh Category: Uncategorized 0 comments

Following the visit of Holly Adams Pratt, co-founder and CEO of the Universal Hope Initiative(UHI) based in Philadelphia, USA, to Liberia in early April 2016 the Hummingbird Childcare Center idea was born to encourage women and girls acquiring or wanting to acquire vocational skills at our Enterprise and Job Training Institute (The BRIADE) to attend classes unhindered where there’s no one to take care of their children during their absence from home. The center is addressing an expressed need of our many beneficiaries currently enrolled at the BRIDGE. With support from UHI, the center was constructed by our own TVET trainees, and after which two caregivers were hired to run it. Many of these kids are yet to begin formal schooling because their parents, mostly single mothers, cannot afford the elementary school tuition.

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