SHIFSD’s Director with UHI founder and family in USA

Nov 26, 2015 by Jerry Bleh Category: TVET 0 comments

During a visit to the USA in July of this year, the director of SHIFSD, Jeremiah, was invited to the home of Universal Hope Initiatives’  (UHI) founder and CEO, Holly Adams Pratt (in green and black dress), for a dinner party on July 26 – Liberia’s independence day. The occasion was meant to enable Jeremiah meet with UHI supporters and the Adams-Pratt family and in so doing make presentations on SHIFSD and its activities in Liberia. UHI has being organizing and raising funds for various activities at SHIFSD – eg. chairs for the TVET center; used clothes and tailoring, etc.

UHI and SHIFSD are long time partners; from Ghana to Liberia. The UHI founder once served as a volunteer of SHIFSD about 9 years ago in Ghana and has since being an ardent supporter of the organization. Holly is expected to visited Liberia and SHIFSD next April 2016 to discuss further on UHI involvement in the TVET project which willing be starting in January of 2016.



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