Functional Adult Literacy

Adult Literacy: at the heart of our operations

Adult Literacy is where we started and remains at the heart of everything we do. Our students who take part in our TVET programs, many of whom have with little or no skills in literacy and numeracy also benefit from support literacy support as they progress. About half of our students over the next 2 years are expected to benefit from adult literacy support, alongside their training.

Functional Adult Literacy

Our project is designed for marginalized youth and adults who missed out on formal education, seeking to address the literacy, numeracy and livelihoods needs of these people. A maximum of 25 learners or students are placed in a “study circle” or class, and depending on the size of the community, 1 or 2 study circles are established in each of the targeted community. Each study circle is managed by a Community Literacy Facilitator who is selected by the community leaders in collaboration with SHIFSD.

25 Community Literacy Facilitators were trained using National Adult Education Association of Liberia adult literacy materials for the period of 6 days. The training brought together 25 participants (4 Female & 21 Male), from 19 communities in 2 Counties, Montserrado & Margibi. Beneficiaries receive literacy and numeracy skills in FAL level 1 and FAL level 2. FAL Level 1 which is also preferred to as zero level runs for 9 months and FAL level 2 for 6 months. A special curriculum is used by the facilitators to facilitate the learning process. Beneficiaries who complete FAL level 1 or 2 are able to read and construct simple sentences and perform simple calculations, example, addition, subtraction and multiplication.

The Functional Adult Literacy level two activities were successfully implemented from January 1, 2015 to July 31, 2015. The project started with 589 enrollment/ learners within 25 FAL classes (488 Female & 113 Male). 588 learners (475 Female & 113 Male) successfully completed FAL 2. They are now participating in community meetings and decision making process.

Between 2011 and 2015 we have provided Functional Adult Literacy for over 2000 adults in three counties, including Montserrado, Bong and Margibi. Most of the beneficiaries stated at zero level are now able to write their own names and some write read and write simple sentences and basic calculation.

Our 2015 Project at a Glance

Trained Adults:

Success Rate: 99.8%

During our last training, 588 out of 589 participants successfully completed the training.

Contact us!

For more information about Functional Adult Literacy, please contact Mr. Jerry K. Bleh at +231-886-833-954 or at
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